Creating the Ultimate Member Experience with the YMCA of Greater San Antonio

Membership organizations and nonprofits want to engage with every member in every way in hopes of retaining their involvement with the organization and converting new sign-ups. To do this, data has become critical to member-based organizations for understanding who their members are and how to best convert and delight them wherever they might be.

In our new series, we’re going to experts around the world who are using member data in new and unique ways to enhance the member experience top to bottom.


This Week’s Experts

This week, we spoke with two members of the YMCA of Greater San Antonio team: Stephanie Chavira, Director of Marketing & Communications, and Veronica Wong-Rizo, Senior Vice President of Operations. Stephanie has been with the organization since June 2015, while Veronica has been with the organization since May 2013. They are always looking for ways to understand more about their current members while attracting and converting new audiences.

In their own words, here’s how Stephanie, Veronica and their team use data to better understand their members and drive revenue.

What were your main priorities when you started using MVPaudience (powered by Umbel)?

STEPHANIE: We wanted to be able to easily pull member data and leverage it through lookalike audiences. That’s what really drew us into MVPaudience. The perk was getting to see what they were purchasing and what brands they liked compared to ours. At the time, we didn’t have a good way to see our audiences’ purchasing path (we were using Google Analytics, but that only tells you so much), so the tracking the audience was also appealing.

VERONICA: I know a couple years back, we were looking at our website and were going to create this online member experience in hopes of driving digital revenue through online purchasing. We didn’t have the capability and manpower to have someone to look at our ads daily and place them in all the correct places. That’s where it all started.

What gets you most excited about data?

STEPHANIE: I find it fascinating that we might be running a membership ad and see that someone who engaged with that ad might end up purchasing an after-school or swim registration. I wonder at what point did that ad in someone’s mind cause them to head into swim or sports. It’s also interesting to see how our images impact engagement numbers. These insights are going to become more valuable, since we just finished launching our new website.

Siclovia is a major event for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio. What is it and how do you use MVPaudience as a part of your promotion strategy?

STEPHANIE: Siclovia is a free event for the community. We open about 3 miles of downtown city streets for cyclists and walkers to play in the streets. It’s a big family friendly event—people come out with their scooters, rollerblades, dogs and get to see their city in a different light.

We run MVPaudience campaigns to raise awareness for the events. We had a spend of $500 and ran the campaign in April, leading up to Siclovia. At the conclusion of the campaign, we had 1,762 website clicks and 55 conversions. This resulted in a 42.6X ROAS. We received a lot of program purchases and membership purchases just for an ad advertising a free health and wellness event.

We’ve never ran Siclovia ads as a donation campaign; it’s always been an awareness one. We did follow up with an email asking for donations—taking all emails and profiles from the campaign to email a thank you with a small ask tied to it.

Are there any significant campaign insights that made you rethink how you approach some of your tactics?  

VERONICA: When we run our Siclovia campaigns, we get often get more purchases on our website than we do on campaigns that are meant to evoke purchasing. It is quite interesting to see what people click on regardless of what the content or ask and how that click produces a conversion on the opposite spectrum.

Data-driven Success for Siclovia

In their April 2018 Siclovia acquisition campaign, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio acquired 578 net new profiles (88% of total completed). The organization has averaged 318 net new profiles per activation so far in 2018.

What strategies do you use to acquire net-new audience data?

VERONICA: We’ve given away tickets and earbuds to collect leads, so we could email them about membership opportunities. With the earbud giveaway, have the opportunity to email the 511 people who completed the form for different campaigns throughout the year.

What is your focus heading into the new year?

VERONICA: We are interested trying to use the data to segment for members who have less than 3 check-ins into our facility—how do we connect with them on some type of campaign to get them back in? We have that data based on our scans, so the question we’re focused on is how can we work with our marketing or solutions team to target them and get them back in into the facility and using us, because those eventually become cancels.

In addition, we are going to begin some talks about data-driven member experience and retention—really tracking the member’s digital experience. How do we continue to improve the journey of the member online? We are trying to take a deeper dive into this and really understand our audience and how do we improve that member experience and how we can engage more members in our community.

Continued Success

Through their member acquisition and Facebook conversion campaigns, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio is a great example of an organization that is leveraging member data to make smarter marketing decisions and drives revenue. With so many successful campaigns this year, there’s no telling what the organization will accomplish in the future.

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