Fan Faceoff: The Brands that Unite (And Divide) Patriots and Rams Fans

There’s a lot on the line on Sunday as the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. With an estimated 100+ million people set to tune in, brands are capitalizing on the opportunity, hoping their message and ad resonate with fans. But every year, the million dollar question is: what will fans respond to? How can brands tap into the psyche of their intended audience?

Well, geographical differences aren’t the only thing that distinguishes the two fan bases. In fact, there are many local and national brands that are unique interests for each audience and also some that unite both together. Using our platform, we are able to leverage social data and brand affinities to surface these insights and discover what makes each team’s fans unique and what gets them going.

California Dreamin’

There’s a lot to do in Los Angeles, but which local attraction do Rams fans like the best? Unsurprisingly, Disneyland ranks as the top attraction among Rams fans—liked 2X more than Six Flags and 3X more than Universal Studios Hollywood.

In addition, Rams fans are looking to get a taste of that Boston winter. Well, maybe not the full experience. While most people head to California to escape the snow, Mammoth Mountain — a ski resort in California — is also another favorite attraction among Rams fans. Patriots fans, however, like The North Face 1.7X more than Rams fans.

Focusing on the Fandom

Wondering how the fan bases’ allegiances spread to other local teams? Well, more Rams fans like the Lakers than the Dodgers, and more Patriots fans like the Red Sox than the Celtics.

There are superstar athletes on both teams, but how can you measure their influence on the fan base? One way to do so is to see which players the fans are following. For example, 1 in every 2 Patriots fans also like Tom Brady’s page on Facebook, while only 1 in 5 like Rob Gronkowski’s.

Game Day Transportation

There’s no denying the demand for ridesharing apps after the Super Bowl. Two years ago, it was reported that LYFT had a 500% surge pricing increase after Super Bowl LI.

Ridesharing is a viable—and popular option— for fans trying to get to the game (or the bar) on Sunday, but which will they pick? Both Rams and Patriots fans have Uber as their leading ridesharing service, but Rams fans like it 2X as much.

Post-Game Destinations

Both teams’ fan bases are ready to celebrate, but in different ways. Rams fans have a high interest Las Vegas with MGM Grand Las Vegas ranking as their top hotel. Meanwhile, Patriots fans are dreaming of warmer weather, looking to explore the land down under — Australia.

If traveling by air, both fans might sit side-by-side on a Southwest Airlines flight, their number-one ranking airline of choice. Additionally, rams fans favor Southwest 3.5X more than American Airlines.

Finding Comfort in a (Potential) Loss

Should things not go their way on Sunday, both fan bases find common ground in comedy as their leading movie genre. Their top picks for movie night? Quite different.

Consistent with their interest in Vegas, The Hangover is the top-ranking movie for Rams fans, while Step Brothers wins the hearts of of Patriots fans.

Getting Ready for the Game

When it comes to deodorant, both fanbases like to keep things fresh (we hope), but Rams fans prefer Old Spice, while Patriots fans prefer AXE.

How about apparel? Vans and Converse top the list for Rams fans, while Victoria’s Secret is the top brand for Patriots fans. All apparel brand affinities aren’t as straightforward, though. For example, despite Hollister Co. being inspired from the sunny shores of Hollister, CA, the brand has 2.5X higher affinity with Patriots fans than Rams fans.

Territorial Taste Buds

Super Bowl Sunday is consistently ranked as one of the most important days on pizza chains’ calendars. In 2016, Super Bowl 50 was said to be “the largest single day of collective sales across the three pizza chains.”

The chain of preference differs for each fan base. Rams fans favorite pizza is Dominos, while Patriots fans prefer Pizza Hut. But what goes with it? When it comes to soda preferences, Rams fans enjoy Dr. Pepper, while Patriots fans’ top-ranking soda is Coca-Cola. In addition, both fan bases find common ground over their love for Skittles, but Patriots fans like Starbursts 2X as much as Rams fans.

Rams Fans

Disneyland – liked 2X more than Six Flags and 3X more than Universal Studios Hollywood.

Rams and Pats Fans

Patriots – like the Red Sox over the Celtics
Rams – like the Lakers more than the Dodgers

Rams and Pats Fans

Uber – leading ridesharing service, but Rams fans like it 2X as much

Pats Fans

Stepbrothers – at the top of the list of liked movies

Fan Favorite

Rams – Vans and Converse
Patriots – Victoria’s Secret

Fan Favorite

Rams – Dominos and Dr. Pepper
Patriots – Pizza Hut and Coca Cola

Let the Brand Bowl Begin

By understanding which unique brand affinities make each fan base tick, brands can market more effectively and reach their audience with the right message at the right time. Using the insights they discover about their own brand and following, they can personalize their message—and approach—for their biggest game of the year.

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