How TIFF leveraged WiFi to acquire
 & convert new fans into festival attendees

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Project Description

The Connected Guest

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the largest publicly attended film festivals in the world, attracting over 480,000 people annually. With so many attendees, TIFF used MVPindex’s Audience platform to figure out how to learn more about their attendees in order to market more effectively and reach similar, unknown fans.

To generate leads and audience insights from the Festival and other events held throughout the year, the team deployed a Social WiFi activation that integrated directly with MVPindex. TIFF’s initial goal in setting up a WiFi activation was to gather data from patrons who visit the TIFF Bell Lightbox year-round. Serving their key demographic with custom WiFi login screens with for social media, newsletter sign-ups and active programming was a big draw to using the platform.

An Integrated Approach

TIFF’s gated WiFi activation captured unique audience insights that they could leverage for their Festival and future events. Once fans signed in using onsite guest WiFi, they could engage with personalized cards that were relevant to their experience. TIFF’s personalized WiFi cards provided information regarding upcoming events and invited users to sign up for their newsletter or follow their social channels.

Once users signed into WiFi via Social, the activation captured and sent GDPR compliant first-party data to MVPindex’s Audience platform where TIFF could analyze the data and create targeted segments.

Identifying TIFF Superfans

Using MVPindex’s Audience platform, the TIFF team analyzed WiFi activation data alongside their existing Newsletter subscribers and Ticketmaster data to identify TIFF superfans, who were highly engaged with TIFF programming and communication.

When their TIFF Docs program was announced for the Festival, the team leveraged the WiFi activation data from a third-party Festival that took over their venue. Knowing that this audience was a big fan of documentaries, the team used MVPindex’s Audience platform to target the WiFi users who were onsite during that time frame and serve them an ad that featured a documentary-specific Festival package.

In order to deploy hyper-targeted email and Facebook ad campaigns, TIFF built segments that leverage demographic and brand affinity data.

Having the ability to centralize purchaser data, subscriber data, Facebook affinities and WiFi users has been a huge advantage with the Audience platform. Comparing users across different sources and defining net new has never been easier.

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Preparing for the 2019 Festival

After one year of having the Social and MVPindex WiFi integration, the TIFF team has been pleasantly surprised with the number of net-new email addresses they were able to collect. Currently, TIFF is focusing on how to fully take advantage of their WiFi activation leading up to the 2019 Festival and making sure they are harnessing the power of the leads and actionable data they are collecting.

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