The Most Valuable Aviation Brands on Social

The Most Valuable Aviation Brands on Social2019-03-08T15:38:16-06:00

Project Description

See which aviation brand is most valuable on social.

MVPindex examined hundreds of thousands of social media posts to determine which aviation brand was the most valuable on social media in 2018. For this year’s list, MVPindex looked at the value driven by athletes, influencers, properties, celebrities and more on social media for all aviation brands.

In addition, you’ll learn strategies from some of the most memorable campaigns including:

  • How much value Emirates generated through their Real Madrid CF jersey sponsorship
  • How the Boston Celtics made the #JetBlueRunway campaign so valuable 
  • How American Airlines #MilesMakesMoments show tapped into Demi Lovato’s fanbase

Download the 2018 rankings of the top aviation brands on social media by filling out the form.

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