The Most Valuable Fan Segments in Sports

The Most Valuable Fan Segments in Sports2019-01-08T15:16:54-06:00

Project Description

Target hard-to-reach fans with these 13 revenue-generating fan segments

Selling out every game is tough. There will always be at least one game that leaves sports marketers wondering, “How are we going to sell this one?”

We have an answer for that.

By making the most of the fan data you already have (e.g. ticketing, social and email) and running hyper-targeted campaigns, you can convert new fans that may have been impossible to reach before.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • All the sources you can use to gather fan data in a way that satisfies GDPR regulations and how you can make sense of that data in a meaningful way
  • 13 targeted segments we’ve found to maximize revenue for sports teams—as well as their sponsors—around the world
  • Insights on how to use those segments to drive your bottom line through ROI campaigns

You might think you know who you’re targeting, but this guide will help you get more specific (and effective) than ever before.

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