James and Schumer Activate for Trainwreck

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Two social media heavy hitters united on the big screen this weekend with the release of Trainwreck, a Judd Apatow directed comedy written by and starring Amy Schumer. She’s joined on screen by LeBron James, a new actor who dabbles in basketball, and the two stars of the film have done their parts promoting the film in social media. So, how does Amy Schumer’s social power compare to that of the number one NBA athlete on MVPindex

We took a look at all posts using #Trainwreck since July 1 from both James and Schumer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Schumer is definitely the more vocal promoter of the two, with 74 tweets and Instagram photos in the time period. Her average popularity of an Instagram photo was 19.5K likes, while her Tweets using the hashtag registered an average of 77 retweets. The total retweets and likes from Amy’s social audience around #Trainwreck this month amass to more than 298K retweets and likes. 

The flipside of the social media coin is LeBron James. James posted about #Trainwreck 13 times to his social media audience of more than 54.8 million people. His Instagram post about the movie is already the 6th most popular post by an NBA player in the last 7 days with more than 340k likes. In fact, LeBron’s three Instagram posts about #Trainwreck pulled down 2.8 times the total engagement of Schumer’s 74 posts from Twitter and Instagram combined. 

Both of these celebrities have heavily engaged fanbases, especially on Instagram. Schumer’s Instagram audience of more than 831,000 fans engages with her posts around #trainwreck at an average of 19,535 likes/photo. That’s a rate of 2.4% of her followers actively engaging with content around promotional posts. LeBron James’s three Instagram photos engaged at an average of more than 281K likes/photo from his audience of 11.5 million fans. This means that James’ fans engaged with #Trainwreck content at a slightly lower rate (2.3% of followers) than Schumer. 

To answer the question, the only real difference between Schumer and James is audience size. LeBron carries a total social media audience that is more than 17x that of Amy Schumer, yet their percentage of audience engagement is very close with Schumer having the edge around #Trainwreck content. One can’t discount the power that comes with an audience of James’ size, however. Will the raw numbers of engagement driven by James lead future movies to feature more sports stars in prominent roles? 

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