Our Mission

Our mission has been to develop an objective index and client-access platform that tracks the overall impact and value of brand ambassador activations for sponsors across sports and entertainment in social media. Our clients can view the breakdown of each category to track competitive ambassador metrics, use keyword search to track historical engagement around activations for their brand and those of their competitors and use serendipity to get a handle on the most popular terms and hashtags around these brands. We are driven to help our clients understand and own their social media value!

Delivering Actionable Data

Beyond access to our robust platform that is tracking the social media engagement of over 80,000 athletes, teams, leagues, entertainers, venues, and brands; MVPindex clients have access to our client services production team that generates Engagement Value Assessment Reports, Benchmark Reports, Digital Brand Overviews, Best Practice Reports, and Campaign Recap Reports among others. These reports can be customized to meet our customer’s targeted needs, meaning they get the social media data and insights needed to make informed decisions to drive value for their brand or brand sponsor.