Shaq and Scottie Light Up Instagram

Shaq does his best impression of Leonardo DiCaprio from “Titanic”
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At MVPindex, we love social media for many different reasons. The depth and bredth of the data we get to work with on a daily basis is fascinating, and it’s great to see how differently athletes are using social media to engage and interact with their fans. All that being said, we love a good Instagram sports beef, and now we’ve got one on our hands between two of the greatest basketball players of all time: Shaquille O’Neal and Scottie Pippin. The Two players exchanged 11 photo barbs that generated more than 493.6K likes and 96.9K comments on the platform. 

We would beat em by fifty "what you think". Let me know and don't hold back

A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on

Above is the post that started it all, and it’s the most commented on Instagram photo by any NBA athlete, active or retired, in the last 7 days. More than 25,000 comments were posted by fans of both teams arguing over who would win or lose. In terms of overall likes, the post comes in at the 20th most popular Instagram post in the last 7 days. 

Pippen responded with the 15th most commented on Instagram NBA post in the last 7 days, and that sparked a Shaq content storm. The Big Aristotle ranks 8th among active and retired NBA players on social media, and he displayed his talent for the medium when he unleashed a volley of “sidekick” puns with the second…


Sorry @scottiepippen I don't believe in hypotheticals either, but I seen most of those final you did ok , but this guy did most the work . #youwereok steve kerr and Ron harper deserve more credit than you , remember I WAS BATMAN YOU WAS ROBIN , I was PUFFY YOU WAS MASE…

A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on


@scottiepippen yes THE GREAT MICHAEL JORDAN GOT YOU SIX RINGS , but you will always be remembered as MR 2nd FIDDLE. SECOND BEHIND HIM AND SECOND BEHIND ME. GAME AINT OVER TIL I SAY SO. stay in yo place. 6 time nba CHUMPION

A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on



A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on


Go oust and get them sidekick edition Scottie pippens exclusively on he's a

A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on

And seventeenth most commented Instagram photos in the NBA from the past 7 days


A photo posted by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on

All of this conversation spilled over to Twitter, making Shaq the 3rd most mentioned NBA entity on the platform in the last week with 3,918. The Lakers were right behind Shaq as the 4th most mentioned NBA entity with 3,706 mentions. 

Pippen didn’t just fade out, however. He responded with three other photos to Instagram that ranked sixth…

Speaking of being a sidekick… if I recall correctly you know a thing or two about that as well. @shaq

A photo posted by Scottie Pippen (@scottiepippen) on


Easy big fella… if only you were as good at free throws as you are talking smack! @shaq

A photo posted by Scottie Pippen (@scottiepippen) on

And tenth in total comments, with the 10th ranked post looking like Scottie’s mic drop, despite Shaq’s “second fiddle” rebuttal posted above. 

Game over, @shaq. All that's ever mattered to me is winning and we did plenty of that in Chicago…

A photo posted by Scottie Pippen (@scottiepippen) on

And this is what happens when two former NBA superstars have Instagram beef, fans get engaged in the argument. Shaq’s dominance over engagement and mentions has to do with his 1.1 million follower difference on Instagram. So, who won? Did Shaq win with his volume posting and massive engagement, or did Scottie Pippen take the crown with his controlled responses? Let us know in the comments!

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