The NBA Draft’s Top Picks on Social [Infographic]

2018’s NBA Draft prospects offer teams an impressive talent pool for the 2018-19 season to set the tone for their new teammates, add to already powerful lineups, or bring hope to teams with less-than-stellar seasons.

Teams and fans aren’t the only ones watching this year—so are sponsoring brands. In 2017, players cumulatively earned $233 million in endorsements, licensing, and media deals. While the prospects have yet to show those sponsors how they perform on the pro court (and some without college games either), they’ve loaded up on experience reaching fans on social media. That promise has already led to deals, whether MTN Dew Kickstart signing Marvin Bagley or Puma returning to the NBA with three of the top prospects.

Though the top ten boast a formidable total of $6 million in social value in only the last NCAA season, just one of those players, Trae Young, represented two-thirds of that. That discrepancy in social value isn’t new in the NBA, however. Last season, LeBron’s social media value was 3.6X higher than the next highest player, Steph Curry. That $6 million represents only a tease of how those players could perform for sponsors—last year’s NBA season saw $404 million in social media value for sponsoring brands.

Following our analysis of the NFL draft earlier this year, check out our new infographic below examining the top ten NBA Draftees, using MVPindex and its Engagement Value Assessment (EVA). See how players stack up on social media, whether filling fans’ Facebook Newsfeeds, gramming new Stories, or trending on Twitter.

Infographic featuring top 2018 draft picks and how they performed on social media over the 2017-18 NCAA season.

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