Super Bowl LIII: By the Numbers

From the Rams’ unprecedented early season run, the Patriots’ continued domination, and even a few controversial calls on the field, it has been an unforgettable season for the NFL. On social media, it has been a just as unique with 10K+ posts and 77.5M engagements shared between the Rams and the Patriots alone. There is a lot to unpack between those two teams and their fan bases including:

  • Which team generates more value on social media?
  • What are some of the winning branded activations on social media for each of the teams?
  • Which team has a higher engagement rate—focusing on the quality of the post?
  • Which brands resonate with Patriots and Rams fans (and which make their fan bases unique?)

MVPindex analyzed tens of thousands of social posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube from the 2018-2019 season to find these answers. The infographic below shares those insights that were surfaced from social data between September 6, 2018 – January 21, 2019.

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