Reach is a measure of the number of followers an athlete, entertainer, team, league, or brand has across all of their social media accounts relative to competitors within the same category. The score is weighted to add more value for followers on platforms where fans are engaging the most. Having a high score is a great asset for a brand ambassador, and is even more meaningful with true fan engagement.


Engagement is a measure of all relevant engagement data, such as the number of likes, mentions, shares, retweets, and comments that an athlete, entertainer, team, league, or brand has generated across all of their posts over the past 30 days relative to others within that category.


Our Conversation score is a unique measure of the volume and tone of discussion around each athlete, entertainer, team, league and event we track. We analyze millions of Twitter mentions and count the people talking about entities on Facebook and Instagram. Then we analyze articles, blogs and news sites to understand what’s being said about each entity and who and where it’s being said. Conversation scores trend up or down with both the volume of mentions and their positive or negative sentiment.