Real-time social media data and value

MVPindex is an objective index and client-access platform that tracks the overall impact and value of brand activations for sponsors across sports and entertainment in social media. Our clients can view the breakdown
of each individual sport to track competitive ambassador metrics, and use keyword search to track historical engagement around activations for their brand and those of their competitors.

How are your brand ambassadors performing? How is your brand performing against your competition? Where is your campaign succeeding or failing? What, if any, adjustments should you make to your social media campaign? What athlete, entertainer, influencer, sport, and platform resonates most effectively in your market? MVPindex delivers real-time answers.

Calculating the value of social media

Calculating Social ROI or ROE is one of the greatest challenges for brands and their agencies when they develop sponsored-post campaigns or engage brand ambassadors for promotional endorsements. Measuring
impressions, actual reach, and engagement is difficult and requires a variety of assumptions.

The MVPindex Engagement Value Assessment™ (EVA) is the standard for estimating the marketing value of social media posts endorsing or promoting a brand. It combines: published and proprietary statistical
estimates of social media reach, engagement, and sampled social and digital marketing CPM / CPC estimates, and proprietary social amplification factors to arrive at an estimated media spend equivalency for promoted social posts.

AI Brand Recognition in Images & Video

MVPindex offers a robust trained-image brand(s) recognition/selection AI platform. Clients can audit, edit, and tag brand recognition results in our easy-to-use image/video preview platform, or avail themselves of our Client Services Department for these tasks. Overall MVPindex Engagement Value Assessment™ totals are updated for our clients with inclusions of AI brand recognition data from photos and videos.

Audience Insights

MVPindex can help you better understand your audience. Who are they? Where are they? How old are they? Are they male or female?… Our audience insight around leagues, teams, athletes, entertainers, and influencers delivers on-demand demographics data in stunning visual charts and maps, or as downloadable CSV files.

You may have a pretty good view of your audience, but we help can bring that view into focus.